Made from mass-market and widely available materials, the SteelCell® is inherently cost-effective, robust and scalable. It is an ideal technology to tackle air pollution and climate change as it significantly lowers carbon emissions and pollutants, lowers running costs and can enable renewables.

Our SteelCell® Technology

Our world-leading, fuel-flexible SteelCell® can generate power from conventional fuels like natural gas and from sustainable fuels like biogas, ethanol or hydrogen and it does at very high efficiency.

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Why is our SteelCell® Unique

It’s the unique chemistry of our people and our technology that differentiates the SteelCell®. With sixteen years of intelligent investment in research and development, it is no coincidence that Ceres’ platform is attracting the attention of the biggest and brightest minds in the energy sector.

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Advantages of our SteelCell®

A solid oxide fuel cell on a steel backbone, SteelCell® is highly efficient, fuel flexible, robust and economic. It is manufactured using high-volume equipment from the solar PV industry and can be used in both stationary and transport applications.

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Applications for our SteelCell®

As the technology advances, Ceres’ SteelCell® is applicable to established markets like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for Commercial and Residential buildings.

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