Technology Applications

As the technology advances, Ceres’ SteelCell® is applicable to established markets like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for Commercial and Residential buildings.

Furthermore, the reliability, robustness & high efficiency of the SteelCell® enables Ceres to address exponential growth markets, including providing power for Data Centres and range extension for Electric Vehicles.


SteelCell® is ideally suited to commercial combined heat and power (CHP) applications. Today, our customer systems operate on mains natural gas to provide clean energy and hot water in a highly efficient low-carbon manner.  In collaboration with Ceres, Miura launched a new product in October 2019 with 50% electrical efficiency and by capturing exhaust heat an overall efficiency of 90% is reached. Commercial CHP systems with SteelCell® technology offer greater resilience as they continue to operate to supply electricity and hot water even during power outages.


SteelCell® technology is best suited to heavy payload and long-range transportation applications. In partnership with Weichai Power, Ceres has developed a unique electric vehicle (EV) range extender system operating at high efficiency and with very low emissions. By exploiting existing liquid and gas refuelling infrastructure, it is able to significantly increase fleet operating effectiveness compared with pure EV. The highly durable and low cost SteelCell®, which can be operated on a wide range of fuels, is a technology that will become an important part of the diverse make up of future power trains.

Data Centres

SteelCell® technology meets the demanding data centre application requirements of reliability, efficiency, cost and load following.  It has been demonstrated with electrical efficiency exceeding 60% in a US Department of Energy programme, with our partner Cummins Inc. Data centres today consume around 2% global electricity, predicted by the International Energy Agency to rise to 8% by 2030, and Ceres is committed to working with the world’s most progressive operators to deliver clean energy at scale and speed.  

Distributed Generation

SteelCell® technology provides low carbon electricity at higher efficiency than power from the centralised grid. Being modular, the technology can be installed in 1kW systems for residential use through to 10s or 100s kW for car charging or grid reinforcement. SteelCell® systems are fuel flexible, running on natural gas today through to pure hydrogen in the future and any blend in between, making it an ideal transition technology to support trials of greater concentrations of hydrogen in gas grid networks.   

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