Technology Applications

As the technology advances, Ceres’ SteelCell® is applicable to established markets like Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for Commercial and Residential buildings.

Furthermore, the reliability, robustness & high efficiency of the SteelCell® enables Ceres to address exponential growth markets, including providing power for Data Centres and range extension for Electric Vehicles.


SteelCell® has achieved its target of over 50% efficiency, with our first proof of concept multi-kW system demonstrating more than 55% net efficiency. This enables SteelCell® to be applied to higher power commercial and light industrial scale applications


We are working with Nissan to develop a compact, on-board SteelCell® stack, which will extend the range of electric vehicles and allow a shorter refuelling time. This could accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles, and so increase progress towards global low-carbon energy targets

Data Centres

In a US Department of Energy programme, with our partner Cummins Inc, we are developing a new 5kW SOFC modular system targeting high electrical efficiency (60%), for multiple distributed power applications up to 100k


We are demonstrating our SteelGen 1kW fuel cell home power system in conjunction with British Gas as part of the ene.field programme, the largest trial of its kind in Europe.

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