About us History

Borne out of Imperial College in London, the SteelCell® was the invention of lithium battery and fuel cell pioneer, Professor Brian Steele.  The team at Ceres has been perfecting this unique technology for nearly 20 years, establishing a global leadership position in fuel cells and electrochemistry expertise.

Phil Caldwell, our current chief executive, joined the Company in 2013 and has been instrumental in positioning Ceres as an asset-light licensing business. In recent years, Ceres has established partnerships with significant global engineering and technology players, such as Bosch in Germany, Weichai in China and Doosan in South Korea, meeting the urgency for low carbon power systems in industry, data centres, transportation and everyday living.

As a technology licensing company, we are judged on our capacity to innovate. We continue to invest to mature and refine the products we have already created and ensure our licensees are getting the very best from them. As important, we must break new ground, applying restless and rigorous R&D to maintain our leading position in solid oxide technology.

Just as climate change and its threats are now being recognised by governments worldwide, so fuel cell technology is regarded as a key asset in mitigating the causes of climate change and air pollution. Today, we talk about Ceres as having a technology whose time has come.

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