Sustainability Social

We enable the world’s most progressive companies to deliver clean energy at scale.

Critically, as a licensing company, we are leading where many sustainability-focused companies can follow. We already work with global partners, including Bosch, Weichai and Doosan, who have taken a license to our technology and have the potential to scale it up to provide the world with literally millions of homes, vehicles and businesses powered by clean energy.

Our aim is to provide communities across the globe with access to readily available, secure and decentralised source of clean power, greatly helping to increase the quality of life wherever it is installed. 

Closer to home, we are also embedding sustainability through our company values, purpose and culture. As a business, we regularly update our social policies as well as strive to create a positive work environment for our members of staff, helping to support well-being across the company. 

This activity is led by our Executive and supported by our employee group, CONNECT. Across our employee base, people often cite working on a technology that has the potential to make a difference as a key motivation to join Ceres.  

We employ over 30 different nationalities and, in an industry that tends to have fewer female applicants, we are encouraged that 16% of Ceres’ roles are held by women, higher than the industry average of 12%. There is still more to do. 

We believe in nurturing and investing in talent. Across our business, from our graduates, to the growing team at our newly opened UK manufacturing facility, to our scientists and engineers – we aim to attract the very best talent and to nurture it through training and development and opportunities to work alongside some of the world’s most progressive companies.

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